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Product: MacMillan Learning

Product Name

MacMillan Learning
Vendors description of the product
An organization where it connects instructors with other teachers, scholars, authors, and editors, as well as with a library of resources for teaching and learning.
Requester intended use of the product. What will the tool accomplish? What benefits to the university, students, others?

Their mission is to support the people teaching in an environment of higher education. Macmillan Learning facilitates teaching and learning opportunities that make students engage and have improved outcomes. 

ASE Product Report Card
Product Report Card URL
Installation Type
Only one will apply
  • Approved - Campus
  • Approved - Online
  • Approved - Campus & Online
  • Semi Approved - Individual only 
Approved- campus

Tool Information

Communication Path
Communication paths for product changes and emergencies,…
  • When do the owner, stakeholders, employees and students need to be notified?
  • Path for back end issue - upgrades, bugs, ...
  • Path for Interface issue - upgrades, bugs, ...
  • Emergencies (major, minor)

Involved in determining this - Corey Moore, Ben Wilson, Dane Bohman, Dean Allen


The process for incident/maintenance communication for I-Learn products and the roles of portfolio managers and system owners is highlighted in the IT Incident Management and IT Change Management documents which are linked here.  

Product Owner
The person who can make the ultimate decisions for the product - funding, road map, vision, governance and retirement.
  • Please include name, email, phone, job title.

Linda Munns 


University Store
A person or group of people who have an interest in the product and its success. Can influence product decisions. Are impacted (directly or indirectly) by the product. e.g. requester, department, developer, ASE, portfolio manager, product manager
  • Please include name, email, phone, job title.



Platform Services Director   

ASE List:  

  • Dane Bohman - / 208-496-7217  
  • Ben Wilson - / 208-496-1550  
  • Amber Gneiting - / 208-496-7015  

Director, Software Engineering  

Portfolio Management   

Academics Product Manager  

  • Dean Allen - 496-7211 

Who will use the product? (campus, online, pathway, Ensign, employees - more specific like - nursing students, specific department or course(s))
Online and Campus


  • Purchaser and requester information - name, email, phone
  • Licensing (description of the license agreement - site license, per user, per computer, ...)
  • How is the license renewed?
  • Next renewal date?
  • When should this product be reviewed again for purpose and outcome? Usually, this happens every 3-5 years.
  • BYUI Purchasing Agent  - name, email, phone
  • Licensing Contract (How many licenses were purchased for the product?) 

    Pricing agreement 

  • Who is the contract contact? (Purchasing Department) 

    Name: Becki Lyn Skidmore  


    Phone extension: (208) 496-2350

  • Product documentation (URL)
  • Support and/or training documentation (URL)
  • ASE - maintenance needs and yearly maintenance estimate
  • Any custom code developed? (where can it be found)
  • Is this ADA compliant (URL to their official vendor statement)
  • Other
  • Give description of all data and how it interacts with the university systems.
  • List all university systems used.
  • Installation instructions - URL or direction how to find the instructions.
  • Who is responsible for installation - please include email, phone, job title.

What system is this coming from (push/pull)? 


Push Destination 

  • Canvas course content. 

Pull Source 

  • Canvas course content




Primary email 

Full name

Vendor Information

Product Name MacMillan Learning
Product URL 
Company Name MacMillan Learning

Vendor Account/Sales Rep
Please include Name, email, phone, job title.

Macmillan Learning Knowledgebase, 
Macmillan Learning tech support,

Vendor Support Rep
Please include Name, email, phone, job title.



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