Phone - Cisco Jabber (Soft-phone) Request

Please use this form to request access for you or your student employees to be enabled to receive calls off-campus/remotely through Cisco jabber.

If your team already has a call center created, please indicate on the form. If your team does not, it may take extra time for our engineers to build a call center for your team, as this is required for your team to receive calls off-campus to a single contact center or phone number. If you are requesting access to Cisco jabber for your own extension, you do not need to include the previous information.

While we fulfill your request, please have your team download the Cisco Jabber application on their smart device. For help, please visit our Cisco Jabber User Setup Guide. 

Before submitting your request, please take some time to download the Cisco Jabber app on your smart phone. We recommend using Jabber on your smart device, as it offers the best experience placing and receiving phone calls. However, if you wish to use it on your desktop, you may download it by following this link: Instructions on how to download are included below video. Once downloaded, please watch this bried tutorial on how to use Jabber. Important: in order to login, you must complete the request and wait for your approval. Once approved, you'll first use your email address and then your normal BYUI Username and Password.

Make a Request

For iOS (Apple Devices) go to your App Store and download Cisco Jabber. This is what the app looks like in the app store:

For Android devices, go to your Google Play store and download Cisco Jabber. This is what the app looks like in the app store:

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