Signing into Campus computers with BYU-I credentials

While attempting to sign-in to campus computers (more specifically in-class systems that are connected to projectors). It says it has an ethernet connection as I attempt to sign-in with my BYU-I credentials. After attempting to sign-in it says the domain isn't available. After that it then signifies that it has no internet, but will then connect via ethernet some time later when I try again. Why am I not able to log into classroom systems with my BYU-I credentials outside of classtime?

Asked by Jacob Strong on Tue 9/26/23 2:47 PM
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Nate Wilkinson Wed 9/27/23 11:53 AM

Hi Jacob! 

I believe what you are describing is one of the many teaching podiums in our classrooms on campus. Typically, our IT Technicians can visit the classroom and access the podiums wires, etc. If you have issues with these podiums, we highly suggest that you call our general IT helpline at 208-496-9009. The IT employee on the phone will ask you some questions, including what building and room number you are located in, and then they will send an available technician to you to help.

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