If your tour group has any prospective students, newly admitted students or would like a virtual tour please visit this site. https://www.byui.edu/campus-tours
All tour requests need to have 2 business day advanced notice or we will not be able to schedule your tour.
Other Tour Group
Campus tours through the University Relations Department are only for the above specified groups.

If the campus tour is for a Prospective Student, you will need to follow this link to request a tour through the Admissions Office: https://td.byui.edu/TDClient/Requests/ServiceDe... .

If the campus tour is for an admitted student, please visit this webpage to request a tour with Student Support: http://www.byui.edu/student-support/pre-arrival... .
You will be contacted by the Public Affairs office within the next few days with more details regarding your tour.
Requested Tour Area
For more information about the Planetarium, please call 208-496-3125.
Requested Tour Area
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Will your group be eating lunch during the tour?
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