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Request additions or changes to Information Technology services or report issues.

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Response Center

Response Center service requests.

Process Improvement Office

Request help with content management, IT news, or technical writing.

Services (77)

IT Issue

If you have an issue and do not know where to go, please use this request.

Active Directory

Request username and password support, CAS login issues, a new service account, or LDAP support.

Additional Technology Request

Request a technology that is currently not available to you in a classroom or lab, such as a document camera, DVD/CD player, or web conferencing technology.

Classroom/Lab Computer Issue

Request support with a computer located in a classroom or lab.

CVN Issue

Request service to the CVN (Campus Video Network) system.

CVN Request

Request a new CVN (Campus Video Network) display on campus.

Data Backup Request

Request that the data hosted on your server be copied to a backup location.

Data Warehouse

Request an addition or change to the Data Warehouse.


Request the creation, migration, change to, or refresh of a database.

Decommission a Server

Request that a server/VM be shut down and deleted, and the DNS records and firewall rules removed.

Delete iSeries Account

Request for an iSeries user account to be deleted.

Delete User Feith Account

Please specify the name and username of the feith user you would like deleted.

Desktop Phone/Fax Machine Issues

Request repairs, changes, or additions to your desktop phone or fax machine.

Disable iSeries Account

Please specify the name and username of the employee that you would like disabled.

Disable user CX account

Please specify the username of the user that you would like disabled.

Disable user feith account

Please specify the name and username of the feith user that you would like to be disabled.

DNS Request

Request the addition, change or removal or a Domain Name System.

Email, Lync/Skype, Messaging, or LivePerson Issues

Request support for Email (Outlook), Lync/Skype, Messaging, or LivePerson.

Employee Desktop/Laptop Issue

Request support for a BYU-Idaho issued employee computer/laptop.

Employee Internet Issue

Request support for a BYU-Idaho issued employee computer with Wi-Fi, or Ethernet connection issues.

Employee VM Issue

Request service to an existing virtual desktop computer.

Employee VM Request

Request a virtual desktop computer.

EMS Issues

Issues with EMS for Outlook

Enable iSeries Account

Enable a User's iSeries account.

Equella Issues - Level 2

Request help with issues that need to be escalated to the Equella Admin, including user additions and removals.

Feith Requests

Request a new feature or change to your Feith service.

Group Internet Issue

Request support on a group network issue.

Identity Access Management

Request the creation or change an existing Role, File Share or Mailbox.

I-Learn Course Participation Request - Petition

This service is used to find course participation for a student. The Requestor is set as SRR Petition.

I-Learn Course Participation Request - Registration

This service is used to find course participation for a student.The requestor is set as SRR Registration.

I-Learn Issues

Report any of your I-Learn Issues

I-Plan/Grad Plan Issues

Request help for issues with I-Plan or Grad Plan.

iSeries Application Issues - Accounting

This is for iSeries Application Issues for the Accounting Office.

IT Feedback

Thank you for taking the time to give feedback on the Information Technology website. Your feedback is valuable to us and we strive to provide you with the best technology experience.

Jenzabar, I-Series, or Feith Username Issues

Request assistance with logging into or managing accounts within iSeries, Feith, or Jenzabar.

Lecture Capture Issue

Request help with a current space setup for lecture capture using Panopto.

Lecture Capture Request

Request help to set-up a space for lecture capture using Panopto.

License Server Issue

Request service to a license on the license server.

Map - Request

Request a map or other type of GIS development.

Move Request

This service is to request your move from one location to another.

Network Storage Increase

Request more space on your network drive.

New Full Time Hire - Computer Request

Request a computer system set up for a new full time employee at BYU-Idaho.

New Phone Request

Request a new extension or a new desktop phone.


Request a new VDI service, machine pool, or software.

Online Learning HR System - OSM Issues

Online Operations will use this to create a ticket that will go directly to Enterprise Application - Online Learning HR System. OSM.

Paper Request - Managed by IT

This is for all request for paper for printers/copiers

PeopleAdmin Issues

This service is for all PeopleAdmin Issues.

Personal Fax Number Request

Request a fax phone number.

Point of Sale Issues

This service is for all Point of Sale Issues for Food Services.

Printer Issue

Request support on a printing machine on-campus.

RD Gateway Access Request

Request remote desktop access to either a server or desktop on campus.

Restore Request

Request to restore data that is backed up by the Platform Services department.

Server Request

Request to build a new server.

SharePoint or OneDrive Issue

Request support on a SharePoint site or OneDrive issue.

Single Sign On Integration Request

This is to request an Integration with SSO and another site.

Software License Request

Request a new license for software BYU-Idaho currently does not have a site license for.

SSL Certificate Request

Request an SSL certificate, which are used to encrypt data.

Tax Navigator Issues

This service is for any Tax Navigator Issues

TeamDynamix Change/Training or Other Applications

Request training for TeamDynamix at or any desired changes you would like to make to TeamDynamix or Other Applications.

Technology Issues in Classroom/Lab/Conference Room

Request support for any device that is located in a classroom, lab, or conference room.

Username/Account Issues

Request support for your BYU-Idaho account login.

VendMax Issues

This service is for all VendMax Issues.

VPN Request

Request access to BYU-Idaho's VPN.

Web Conference Issue

Request help or assistance with a campus supported web conferencing tool (WebEx).

Web Conference Request

Request a new meeting or user account for the campus web conferencing tool WebEx.

Web Content Issues

Report an issue you have encountered anywhere on the BYU-Idaho website.

Web System Issues (Not I-Learn or I-Plan).

Request support for a web system.


Request support on BYU-Idaho wireless connection.

Workday (Level 2) - Break / Fix

Request a fix with any incident relating to Workday.

Workday (Level 2) - New Request

Request new integrations from Workday to different campus systems or reports regarding your employee’s information.

Zoom Issues

Zoom Issues

Zoom Webinar Request

Request a new online Webinar hosted by Zoom.