Choosing and Changing My Degree

Question: What can I do to look at other majors? How do I change my major if I pick a new one?

Asked by Rachel Ellington on Mon 10/31/22 3:04 PM Last edited Mon 10/31/22 3:13 PM

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BYU-Idaho Support Center Mon 10/31/22 3:12 PM

Answer: There are serveral different options to help you decided on a major. 

  • You could meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss your interests. Set up an Advising appointment on your I-Plan Advising page or by calling (208) 496-1411.
  • The Career and Major Exploration page can also help you discover different majors. 
  • The Freshman Focus program (for new campus freshman only) can also be helpful. You can read more about it and sign up for the program on the Freshman Focus Areas Program page. 
  • Look at general information about Minors and Clusters as well!

If after checking these tools you'd like to change your major, see Changing your Major

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