Financial Aid Award

Question: Why didn't I receive my full Financial Aid amount when I am registered for at least 12 credits?

Asked by Karen Jerez Castro on Thu 7/14/22 12:36 PM

Answer (1)

BYU-Idaho Support Center Thu 7/14/22 12:36 PM

Answer: Although you may be registered for 12 credits, other elements factor into whether you can receive the full amount offered you. To receive aid for a class, it must be program applicable (be necessary for your degree/appear on your degree audit). You can use the Program Applicability Tool to know which of your classes are program applicable. You may also only receive aid one time for a repeated class after already getting a passing grade (D- or higher). If you defer, withdraw, or drop classes, you may need to return aid. For more information on what could affect your award amount, refer to Policies Affecting Aid Eligibility.

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