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Question: Hello,  I'm a foreign online student. I had a question about the religion classes I'm required to take: I've taken most of the cornerstone courses in my Institute. I was wondering if there was any way to transfer those credits, or if I just have to see the lessons again.

Asked by Karen Jerez Castro on Mon 4/25/22 2:55 PM

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BYU-Idaho Support Center Mon 4/25/22 2:55 PM Last edited Thu 4/28/22 2:11 PM

Answer: For institute credits to transfer to BYU-Idaho, the courses must be taken for “Church University Credit” (this organizes your credits on an official transcript rather than a "report card"). To transfer your institute credits, contact your institute to request a sealed envelope of the transcripts to be sent to the following address:

Brigham Young University-Idaho
            Admissions Office
            Kimball Building 120-1615
            Rexburg, ID 83460 

Or you can request that the transcript be sent electronically to The transcript needs to be an official individual CES Transcript and be signed and sent by the institute director, secretary, or instructor (it must come from a email account). 

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