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Question: I'm wait listed for an introduction to Sociology course, but it is now the first day of the class schedule and I still cannot officially register for the class. What do I do? Do I talk to the professor, or should I try and find another class? Please help!

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Asked by Cameron Hull on Mon 4/18/22 8:42 AM Last edited Mon 4/18/22 9:50 AM

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BYU-Idaho Support Center Mon 4/18/22 9:58 AM

Answer: Cameron, if it's an OnCampus class feel free to speak with the professor but know that if a spot opens you will be notified through your BYUI email. The registration deadline is April 25th, so you can wait to see if a spot opens for you, if not you are welcome to register for another class. 

If it's an online class, see Requesting an Exception to Register for a Course for more questions. Or speak with an Advisor for class planning. 

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