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Question: I have a few questions...

I registered late for the 1 credit parenting course, it's not available on my dashboard through canvas but it shows on the school schedule. How can we resolve this so that I can start those assignments?

I'm also in the process of registering for the public health internship, been in contact with the instructor however the system wouldn't register me due to waiting on a confirmation from my employer but she's already approved it. I now have holds on my account for the classes I've enrolled in and I'll need to be able to fully register for the internship eben though I have the new holds. Please advise.

Lastly, I've received confirmation that my fafsa form was processed, how do I know when the school receives my financial aid info?

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Asked by Hope Ragonesi on Fri 1/7/22 11:15 AM Last edited Mon 3/21/22 2:40 PM

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BYU-Idaho Support Center Fri 1/7/22 2:17 PM Last edited Thu 2/10/22 2:07 PM

Answer: Great questions!

Q1 - You may need to select for the courses to appear on your 'Dashboard.' Go to Canvas and select 'courses' on the left-hand side. Select 'All Courses' in the pop-out window and be sure that your course is selected on the next screen.

Q2 - Once you have secured your internship, contact your faculty internship coordinator who will lead you through the rest of the process.

Q3 - If BYUI has the FAFSA, it will show a "Satisfied" status in your Financial Aid portal. If not, you may have been selected for verification, so check to make sure all documents are submitted that are required. Additionally check that the following things are accurate on your FAFSA (if they aren't, update FAFSA and re-submit):

  • Social Security Number (SSN) 
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Name matches social security card & record on school
  • BYU-Idaho listed as the school on FAFSA


  • Check that the following things are accurate on your my.byui page (if they aren't, update info):
  • Make sure that the proper FAFSA was submitted for the year you are applying for

If all this is set and still nothing then you may have to contact us through live chat and request to chat with a Financial Aid agent. For all contact options, see Contact Us

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