Question: how can students find their grades for every courses they've had?

Asked by Dina Andrianarivony on Fri 1/7/22 7:40 AM Last edited Fri 1/7/22 10:03 AM

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BYU-Idaho Support Center Fri 1/7/22 10:11 AM

Answer: Good question! There are two ways you can find your grades for past classes:

Unofficial Transcript:

  1. Login to your BYUI account and click the student tab
  2. On the left side you will see Unofficial Transcript
  3. Click on this and then click on the blue button Unofficial Transcript 
  4. This should download a document with all your grades and GPA history 


  1. Login to your BYUI account and click the I-learn tab
  2. Click on the left side Courses
  3. Then, on the bottom, select All courses 
  4. This will open all courses you have ever been enrolled at, click on one of them and select Grades
  5. This is useful to view your grades for an specific class with more detail 

Hope this helps! 

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