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Question: My profile name is incorrect. It wouldn't matter that much to me, but I was told my name should be the same on everything I do regarding my education. My name is listed with my last name twice. (I have a maiden name that could be listed as my middle name and was on transcripts from a previous school.) Where do I go to correct this information and make sure everything is in order?

Asked by Zelmarie Madsen Madsen on Thu 1/6/22 8:07 PM Last edited Fri 1/7/22 10:01 AM

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BYU-Idaho Support Center Fri 1/7/22 10:01 AM

Answer: You can find the option to change your name under 'profile' on your old myBYU-I homepage. You can refer to Demographic Information Change for a step-by-step tutorial. If you are a BYU-Pathway Online student, you will need to contact BYU-Pathway Support for assistance. You can reach them by selecting the BYU-Pathway Support live chat option at the bottom right of the BYU-Pathway help page.

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