Why don't I have BYU-I address?

Question: I recently enrolled into CSE111-22w-18 and my teacher said I was one of two students in my class of 53 who don't have BYU-I addresses in my roster. I then sent him my email address which he has now added me as a guest to the teams group. I would like to be a member incase it is needed later in the semester. Please can someone assist me with getting a BYU-I address?

Asked by Damian Hunt on Wed 1/5/22 11:59 AM Last edited Wed 1/5/22 12:50 PM

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BYU-Idaho Support Center Wed 1/5/22 12:52 PM

Answer: Great question, Damian! You can chat with one of our technical support agents using the chat feature at byui.edu. Select the blue chat bubble on the bottom right-hand corner and choose "Web Chat" and then "Technical Support".

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