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Question: How do I get my tax forms?

Asked by Kassidy Davison on Wed 1/5/22 10:36 AM Last edited Wed 1/5/22 10:38 AM

Answer (1)

BYU-Idaho Support Center Wed 1/5/22 10:46 AM

Answer: If you are a student looking for your 1098-T that provides information about educational expenses that may qualify you for education-related tax credits, see How can I get my 1098-T Form?.

If you are an employee looking for your W-2 tax forms that are payroll related, see How can I view/print my W-2 online?

If you are a Canadian student looking for your TL11A (which is similar to the 1098-T form), see How can I request a TL11A (Canadian Tax Form)?

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