how to apply credit from previous semester

Question: I am having real issues with my BYU account. I have a credit from my previous semester and was wondering how I apply it to my winter semester.  Also, I am a previous pathway student and am not getting the pathway rate when I apply for my BYU Idaho courses  

Asked by Marni Michelle Gravis on Mon 1/3/22 7:33 PM Last edited Tue 1/4/22 12:48 PM

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BYU-Idaho Support Center Tue 1/4/22 1:55 PM Last edited Fri 2/4/22 3:29 PM

Answer: Thank you for reaching out, Marni! If you have credit give it a few days for the charges to be billed.The system should automatically apply your credit when charges are due. Since you are a Pathway student, please reach out to pathway support for more help with your tuition rate.

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