Question: I do not have the "course materials" menu item in several of my classes (It must be an issue with my canvas). I need to access books on vitalsource. Can I find the course materials or access vitalsource another way?

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Asked by Lily Hallstrom on Mon 1/3/22 2:49 PM Last edited Mon 3/21/22 3:01 PM

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BYU-Idaho Support Center Mon 1/3/22 4:11 PM Last edited Fri 2/11/22 3:01 PM

Answer: Great question Lily! If you don't see the "Course Materials" tab and you feel like you should, I would suggest you look at Canvas Help Guides for assistance. You can also contact our IT department for additional help! You can also contact your professor through email to make sure they won't be requiring any extra materials. Hope this helps!  

Additionally, if you are not able to access Vitalsource from Canvas, you can go to the Vitalsource website and log in!

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