Difficulty Accessing Course Digital Book Revel for Psychology

Question: When I click on tab "Course Materials" and then when I click on "Launch Courseware" it comes up with an error 404 message. Thank you 

Asked by Theresa Christie Neho on Sun 1/2/22 11:53 PM Last edited Mon 3/21/22 3:25 PM

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BYU-Idaho Support Center Mon 1/3/22 10:50 AM Last edited Thu 4/21/22 3:28 PM

Answer: Make sure you are using Google Chrome and if you are follow these steps: 

  1. Click the Tools menu (three dotted lines in the upper-right corner).
  2. Select History. 
  3. Select Clear Browsing Data from the left-hand side. Set the Time Range set to All Time. Check-mark everything except for "Passwords and other data"
  4. If on a Windows computer, close and re-open Chrome to save your changes. If on an Apple computer, go to the Chrome menu on the top menu bar and select Quit for the changes to take effect.

Then check your Course Materials again. If this still doesn't work, please contact us so we can connect you with an Information Technology Specialist. 

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