Can I Fulfill Book of Mormon Class with Institute?

Question: Hello! Can I fulfill the Book of Mormon class with Institute or is it impossible because that is a Foundations class? Thanks,


Asked by Heather Miller on Sun 11/28/21 6:13 PM Last edited Mon 11/29/21 10:43 AM

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BYU-Idaho Support Center Mon 11/29/21 10:47 AM Last edited Tue 2/15/22 3:34 PM

Answer: Thank you so much for reaching out Heather! Yes, depending on availability, you may choose to take your Foundation classes at the Institute and have the credits transferred at the end of the semester.

In order to get institute credits transferred to BYU-Idaho, the courses must be taken for “Church University Credit”. BYU-Idaho cannot accept a “report card” in place of an actual Transcript. BYU-Idaho cannot guarantee that institute credits will transfer over directly. For more details on how qualifying institute credit should transfer over to BYU-Idaho, see the course transfer tool and look up “Institute of Religion” under the state of “Idaho”.

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