School fees payment due to loss of job

Question: I couldn't make payment when I clicked on make payment to my tuiton is showing to acknowledge my financial debt.

Asked by Itorobong Udo Ekanem on Mon 10/25/21 4:45 AM Last edited Thu 5/12/22 1:03 PM

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BYU-Idaho Support Center Mon 10/25/21 2:49 PM Last edited Mon 10/25/21 2:50 PM

Answer: Acknowledging your financial debt is an agreement that you are responsible for any charges on your account. It could be that you have some outstanding balance or just an acknowledgement for future charges and for any of the Past Due Debt Holds, before you will be cleared to register (add/drop courses), receive a transcript (official or unofficial), or receive a diploma you will need to pay your balance in full. There are other types of holds that might prevent you from using other services. For a complete list of Student Holds please read Holds.

For more details about making a payment online, see How Online International Students Can Make a Payment.

If this doesn't help please chat with our team and request to speak with an Accounting Services agent using the chat feature at Select the blue chat bubble on the bottom right-hand corner and choose "Web Chat".

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