Why isn't my class showing up on my Dashboard?

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I signed up for a Marriage Class that applies to my degree.  One of my classes showed up on my Dashboard and I have begun this class.  The Marriage class has not shown up but I was given a list of books for the class to purchase, which I did.  Under questions, it said that some classes begin a little later so may not show up right away on our Dashboard.  It has not.  Thanks for the help. 

Asked by Barbi McLaws on Mon 9/20/21 8:41 AM Last edited Mon 9/20/21 10:12 AM

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BYU-Idaho Support Center Mon 9/20/21 10:28 AM

Answer: Thank you so much for reaching out! First, when did you sign up for this class? It usually takes somewhere from 24 to 48 hrs for your classes to show on Canvas. If after that time your class is still not showing up one of our technical support agents would love to help you with your issue. You can contact them using the chat feature at byui.edu. Select the blue chat bubble on the bottom right-hand corner and choose "Web Chat" and then "Technical Support".

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