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Question: I will be starting BYU I online soon, whats confusing me is the textbook page. Do i need to purchase the textbooks for class if im doing it online? Also what is Auto Access and how does it work?

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Asked by Sarah Anderson on Wed 9/8/21 4:16 PM Last edited Wed 9/8/21 5:51 PM

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Sophie Cortez Wed 9/8/21 5:51 PM Last edited Wed 9/8/21 5:52 PM

Answer: Online students still need to purchase textbooks. If you go to your Booklist and select 'Purchase Books,' you will be able to see which classes are requiring textbooks and order them. You will not need to purchase the textbook if it is listed as AutoAccess. Please refer to Textbooks for more information on AutoAccess books and other textbook FAQs.

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