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Question: Please I didn't register for any class this semester but i could love to still use the Adobe Photo Shop using my BYU account for some personal learning,can that be done for me?

Asked by Jackson Eldredge Appiah-Sarkodie Appiah on Mon 9/6/21 10:35 PM Last edited Tue 9/7/21 9:40 AM

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BYU-Idaho Support Center Tue 9/7/21 10:40 AM

Answer: Currently, only students enrolled in the following classes will gain access to a BYU-Idaho Adobe Enterprise LIcense. Students will recieve an email notifying them of this access to their BYU-I email account. Students will retain access until the end of the semester. For more information on which classes gain access and how to download the Adobe apps, see Adobe Access.

If you are a Pathway student that only knows how to log in with your BYU-Pathway Worldwide login, check with your instructor for assistance. If you still have additional questions after talking with your instructor, please reach out to the IT Help Desk (click this link to be directed to the IT Help Desk) for assistance.

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