Financial Aid Requirements

Question: How many credits do I have to be enrolled for to receive financial aid? Part-time student.

Asked by Lynne Treadaway on Wed 3/17/21 4:48 PM Last edited Fri 5/13/22 10:53 AM

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Willard Nyamombe Wed 3/17/21 6:30 PM Last edited Thu 3/18/21 2:37 PM

Answer: To determine the exact amount you are eligible for based on your credits, it is best to contact the Financial Aid Office. You can chat directly with a Financial Aid Advisor using the Web Chat feature in the bottom left-hand corner of the website.

Generally, you need to take at least 12 credits to receive the full amount of any type of award; however, you may be able to receive a portion of your financial aid with as little as 0.5 credit if you qualify for the Pell Grant (see Pell Grant Policies).

Student loans do require a student to take at least 6 credits to receive any portion of the loan.

For more information on how a student's Financial Aid is affected when dropping courses, see Adding/Dropping Classes.

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