Registration for Spring 2021 Semester

Spring 2021 Semester Registration

BYU-Idaho continues to carefully coordinate its services so campus can remain healthy, safe, and open. This includes the delivery of high-quality, flexible curriculum options. University faculty and administrators have again organized several course delivery options to better protect the campus community’s health, while meeting the academic and personal needs of students.


When does the Spring 2021 Semester start?

The Spring 2021 Semester starts Monday, April 19 for both Day and Online students. Online students will get access to their courses Saturday, April 17.


When can I register?

Registration for Spring Semester 2021 will open Tuesday, March 2nd according to standard prioritization based on individual credit level with some changes:

  • In order to provide an improved registration experience, priority will now be divided into a greater number of registration groups with fewer students in each group.
  • Priority registration for each group will now open at either 6:00 a.m. MST or 4:00 p.m. MST on the assigned date.

To determine registration dates and start times, students can visit the When do I Register? website. Additionally, beginning Monday, February 1st, students can log in to their student account and navigate to the “Spring Semester 2021” term to verify their individually assigned registration date and time.


Types of courses

 The remote and online course options for Spring Semester 2021 will include:

  • Fully Remote courses (like those offered in spring and fall semesters), with students meeting synchronously online
  • Standard Online courses, with students working asynchronously, at their preferred time.

As allowed by civil health authorities, these other campus course options—all requiring face coverings in the classroom—will also be offered:

  • On-campus Classroom courses (with appropriate physical distancing and safety protocols)
  • Blended courses that require both in-person and online learning on alternating days (with appropriate physical distancing and safety protocols)
  • Flexible courses that provide students the choice to gather in-person or remotely (within the constraints of physical distancing and safety protocols)


What types are right for me?

Students can view the Registration Guide to evaluate all course options as they plan a schedule that works best for them. The “Location” column in the online registration system identifies where each specific class section will be delivered:

  1. On-campus (in-classroom) sections, if you prefer to participate in physical campus classrooms
  2. Off-campus (remote/online) sections, if you prefer to not be in Rexburg or in a physical classroom
  3. Campus OR Off-Campus (student choice) sections, for flexibility to participate on-campus or engage remotely

Note: Remote courses are only available to remote and on-campus students. Remote students are still classified as on-campus students because it is anticipated that at some point they will be able to return to campus. For more information on the differences between remote and online courses, check the following article.

For help in understanding these spring semester schedule options, students can contact the BYU-Idaho Support Center or Academic Advising by text or phone at (208) 496-1411.


Requirements for Enrollment for International Students.

Though the information we share here is the most current, please keep in mind that these requirements can change at any time based on U.S. mandate. For more detailed information on Spring 2021 Requirements for Enrollment and Specific Information for International Students go to International Campus Students.

New Students:
  • Students that are on-campus at BYU-I for the first time under F-1 visa status are required to be fully enrolled in 12 credits, with at least one in classroom on-campus class. Online, remote, flexible, and student choice classes do not count as on-campus. The location column on the registration page must specifically say “In Classroom (On-campus)”.
Continuing Students:
  • Continuing students that are in the United States are required to be enrolled in at least 12 credits. Students should register for as many on-campus classes as they can, but they just need to be in 12 credits to maintain their status.
  • Continuing students who are outside the United States are required to be in 12 credits from abroad.


How will physical campus classrooms be set up?

For layout plans, see COVID-19 Classroom Layout Plans


How do I get more information/updates?

For additional updates see Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates.


Where can I find more information about requirements for International Students?

Additional information on requirements for International Students will be posted on International Campus Students.


How can I request an exception to add a course I am not able to add?

See Requesting an Exception to Register for a Course



BYU-Idaho wants your Spring Semester 2021 registration experience to be positive and productive. Further updates will be distributed as the semester approaches. (Please note that these decisions are subject to change based on trends in disease prevalence and according to updated state, federal, and Church guidelines.)

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