Spring 2022 COVID Guidelines

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Masks are now Optional for Classrooms, Devotional and Sports. Over the last two years, BYU-Idaho has continually based COVID-19 protocols on the counsel of Church leaders, regular consultation with local health officials, and careful monitoring of local conditions. As cases of COVID-19 and its variants have fallen and projections continue to be encouraging, masks will no longer be required during large gatherings such as devotionals and performances.

Indoor activities are now allowed without masks, including basketball and other full-participation and free-play sports. As circumstances change, BYU-Idaho will continue to adjust safety protocols. Please maintain a spirit of love and respect for those who chose to wear masks.
Students and employees are encouraged to continue following all healthy practices, such as being vaccinated, staying home if experiencing any symptoms of illness, and washing and
sanitizing hands regularly.
Find current updates on BYU-Idaho’s response to COVID-19 here.

Preventative Protocols

Campus health and safety protocols and following good hygiene practices will continue to be required.

Students and employees are asked to carefully follow the required health restrictions established by Eastern Idaho Public Health while on campus and when in the community. BYU-Idaho is working closely with EIPH to receive guidance as we determine the best ways to keep campus safe and offer on-campus classes and activities. EIPH’s thresholds, including active cases and hospital bed capacity, are key indicators to watch.

Campus and Classroom Sanitation and Safety

We want your semester to be as productive as possible, and we’ll need your support and help to make that happen. BYU-Idaho is working hard to keep the campus open by implementing additional protections:

  • Masks will now be optional in classrooms and other indoor spaces on campus.
  • Classrooms are reduced to one-third capacity to ensure physical distancing guidelines are met.
  • New and increased sanitation efforts are in place everywhere on campus.
  • Foot traffic flow is clearly marked in buildings to reduce cross-traffic throughout campus. Per public health protocol, ushers are located in key areas to direct traffic and assist your movement between classes.

Health Considerations

Should you become ill or come in contact with COVID-19, BYU-Idaho is working closely with Eastern Idaho Public Health (EIPH) to help make sure you have access to the care you need. Please answer your phone if you receive a call from EIPH. Following their instructions will allow you to receive the appropriate help you need.

If you have any symptoms or questions about COVID-19, please contact the Student Health Center at (208) 496-9330.

Above all, if you don’t feel well, stay home until you are healthy. The university has put significant measures in place to help ensure you are well-cared for. These include consideration of your classes, on-campus employment, access to meals, and other support. Please contact the Student Well-Being Office at (208) 496-9200 for more information.


What do I do if I am sick or I have been exposed to COVID-19?

If you are sick or have been exposed to COVID-19 please refer to the following Article - Feeling Sick? (byui.edu)

The following list also provides a quick reference and guidance on what to do if you are sick or have been exposed to COVID-19:

Are there more resources available for students?

The list below provides contact information for additional needs or concerns:

As we work together and diligently follow safety guidelines, we can all experience a successful and healthy semester.

For recent questions regarding Covid-19, see Covid-19 Questions.

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