Employee COVID-19 Campus Protocol FAQ

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1. What is the expectation for working on campus?
Individual arrangements must be coordinated with and approved by an employee’s line management. Whether working on campus or remotely, all employees should be available to students, colleagues, and leaders throughout the workday and week.

2. Do I need to attend meetings such as devotional, General Faculty Meeting, All-Employee Meeting, and even department meetings in person?
Employees should work with their line management to determine attendance requirements at meetings where safety protocols are maintained. Remote options for meetings should be made available when possible.


1. Where is the university getting its guidance?
BYU-Idaho receives information and direction from the Church Education System (CES), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Eastern Idaho Public Health (EIPH), national and local government, and epidemiologists.

2. What are public health requirements for the roommates of someone who tests positive?

 See Coronavirus (CVID 19) Updates for more information 

3. What will Eastern Idaho Public Health (EIPH) require of the rest of the students in a class if a classmate tests positive?
Eastern Idaho Public Health (EIPH) will conduct contact tracing for the individual to determine where exposure has taken place and if additional restrictions are needed.

4. What do I do if I’m made aware of a student who has tested positive for COVID-19 and has attended class?
Eastern Idaho Public Health (EIPH) will perform contact tracing for a student who receives a positive test result. They will have the student self-isolate to reduce virus spread and guide any additional requirements from there.

5. Why are BYU-Idaho's COVID-19 protocols more restrictive, in some cases, than the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Eastern Idaho Public Health (EIPH)?
BYU-Idaho is deliberately operating in a conservative manner to help provide added protection and safety to employees and students. This approach also gives the university a greater opportunity to provide complete semesters.

6. How should I advise a student who has participated in a face-to-face course and discovers, after the semester has commenced, that he/she or a family member is in a vulnerable population (e.g., pregnancy)?
Faculty members should encourage students to follow all safety protocols when determining what is best for their individual situations. In addition, students should be invited to notify their faculty on issues that may impact their academic performance. Faculty members are encouraged to extend accommodations and flexibility to meet the needs of students. Normal academic deadlines apply during the semesters and faculty members and students should make decisions in accordance with these dates, including dropping or withdrawing from courses before the established deadlines if necessary. If flexibility is needed due to COVID-19, students are encouraged to visit Student Records and Registration

7. What should I do personally if I’m not feeling well?
If you are not feeling well, do not come to work or campus. If you are concerned about your absence, contact your line manager.

8. What do I do if I test positive for COVID-19?
If you are tested for COVID-19, self-isolate while waiting for the results. If your test results are positive, continue your isolation. You will then be contacted by Eastern Idaho Public Health (EIPH). Be sure to answer the phone when they call. Please work with EIPH as they assist you and perform contact tracing to reduce the spread. Do not come to work or campus. Be sure to inform your line management of the situation.

9. What will be the plan for coverage of my courses if I become sick?
As in a normal semester, department chairs will ask colleagues to provide course coverage until the faculty member has recovered. Doing so will assist in the university's overarching goal to help students have a complete and successful semester.

10. What health or work benefits are available to me as a part-time employee if I test positive for COVID-19?
Provisions are in place to assist you as a part-time employee should you become ill. Contact Human Resources for details. Above all, do not come to work—self-isolate, coordinate with your line management about the situation and work with Eastern Idaho Public Health (EIPH) when they call to perform contact tracing and monitor your progress.

11. Are there FERPA or HIPAA rules I should follow if I become aware of a COVID-19 case?
All information about students should be handled with care and discretion. If you become aware of a COVID-19 case, encourage the student to contact Student Well-Being at 208-496-9200 so they can receive services and support. If you need additional information and guidance, you may also contact Student Well-Being at 208-496-9200 directly.

12. What would trigger a move of all campus-based courses and student services to remote-only course delivery?
Eastern Idaho Public Health (EIPH) could put additional restrictions in place at BYU-Idaho based on the number of positive cases assessed in our district. Federal and state government agencies could provide added restrictions. Church Educational System (CES) decisions could also necessitate changes. BYU-Idaho protocols allow the school to continue to operate, even if the local area moves to an orange risk level (two risk levels beyond our current green status) based on EIPH guidelines.


1. As ongoing decisions are made, how will official updates be communicated?
Be sure to check your email regularly since all critical information will be sent as an “Official Notice.” The BYU-Idaho COVID-19 website linked from the university's homepage houses all past and current official notices. Your line management will also be an invaluable source of communication. In addition to these, the university uses a variety of channels to communicate with students and employees. These include general email, websites, campus TV monitors, social media, texts, posters, and more.

2. What strategies are we using to communicate our efforts and expectations to campus visitors?
BYU-Idaho is working diligently to ensure employees, students, and visitors are aware of campus guidelines and protocols. Three major COVID-19 communication campaigns are being liberally distributed across campus through a variety of communication channels. The BYU-Idaho COVID website also provides accurate and easily accessible information to the public. In addition, University Relations and others are working closely with local leaders and public health officials to ensure the school’s plans are being shared and coordinated in the community.

3. Will the university be communicating publicly on the confirmed number of cases among our students and faculty?
Yes. The University maintains a centralized dashboard that provides current information and data, including the number of past and active COVID-19 cases on campus.


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