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Return Missionaries FAQ

Note: The Admissions Office will work with each individual student to examine the possibility of applying past the deadline or working around other circumstances to get them into school as soon as possible. These cases will be considered on an individual basis. If the returned missionary is an international student, however, the deadlines set by the International Services Office are binding. 

What do I do if I am returning home from my mission in my original timeline?

Missionaries who return home on their scheduled deferment time who want to attend school during their flex-track can follow the normal process of requesting a Return Missionary Program override. 

What do I do if I am returning home early from my mission?

Missionaries on a mission deferment who come home early for COVID, or any other reason, should contact the Admissions Office directly at (208) 496-1300 so that their mission deferment can be adjusted and their return to school can be cleared. Once cleared, early returned missionaries will be reinstated to attend school on their next available on-track semester (or their flex-track, if requested).

What do I do if I am reassigned?

If a student is re-assigned to missionary service, they are able to go to the Deferment webpage, where they can enter their new mission information and submit a new missionary deferment. If there is any difficulty adding their new mission assignment to the deferment form (or if they never previously had the Admissions Office remove their original mission deferment), the student will need to contact Admissions at (208) 496-1300.

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