Difference Between "Remote" and "Online"

Remote vs. Online

What does remote mean? What does online mean? Are they the same?

They are not the same.

  • Remote is new to BYU-Idaho and refers to the method by which campus sections will be delivered to students away from the physical campus. The original times of these sections will not change. Instead of gathering in a physical building and room, you will instead be instructed to remotely connect with your instructors and fellow students at the designated times through email and/or Canvas notifications and announcements. This method will prevent the overlap of teaching times and will minimize technology overload.
  • Online refers to the currently established online sections BYU-Idaho has offered for many years. As before, campus students continue to be eligible for most online sections.

Note: Online, remote, flexible, and student choice classes do not count as on-campus. Remote courses are only available to remote and on-campus students because remote classes are technically on-campus classes modified to be delivered away from the physical campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote students are still classified as on-campus students because it is anticipated that at some point they will be able to return to campus.

For more information about class requirements, see International Campus Students.


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