TB Holds

Question: How do I get my TB Hold removed? How do I get a Tuberculosis (TB) test?

Asked by Ricardo Leon Coronado on Fri 1/29/21 8:47 AM Last edited Fri 4/16/21 4:01 PM

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Sophie CortezFri 3/12/21 7:53 PMLast edited Fri 4/16/21 4:08 PM

Answer: You will need a Tuberculosis (TB) test in order to get your TB Hold removed. The Student Health Center is available for walk-in TB testing with no appointment needed.

Once your test results are processed and submitted, it can take up two business days for the hold to be removed. For more information on TB Tests, processes, and when they are administered, see Tuberculosis.

If you have submitted test results from an off-campus doctor and do not see the hold removed, please contact the Student Health Center.

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