Program Applicability Major Change Deadline

Question: When is the last day to change my major and still have the new major count or apply for my financial aid for Spring 2021?


Asked by Ricardo Leon Coronado on Mon 12/28/20 8:08 AM Last edited Mon 3/15/21 6:56 PM

Answer (1)

Sophie CortezMon 3/15/21 6:58 PMLast edited Mon 4/5/21 4:19 PM

Answer: Students must have their Program officially declared for the Spring 2021 semester before 11:59 pm Mountain Time (MT) on April 13, 2021. This means if you are planning on changing your major, you need to do it by this date if you want the new major to be considered for your Spring Semester Financial Aid.

Please note that to receive U.S. federal financial aid (Pell grant and/or federal student loans) a student must meet the program applicability requirements. For a walk-through on how to change your major see How Do I Change My Major?

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