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Outlook/Email for Mobile Device(s)

-How to download/install Outlook
-How to add BYUI email to the mail app on iOS
-How to add BYUI email to the mail app on Andriod OS

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Building Your Microsoft Outlook Profile

- Building or rebuilding Microsoft Outlook profiles
- Making Outlook Profiles as default

BYUI Alumni and Retiree Email Information

- Re-creating account for email access
- Requesting BYUI email after graduating/retiring

Creating Favorite Folders in Outlook

- Adding a folder to favorites
- Removing a folder from favorites

How to Manage Blocked/Quarantined Messages

- Receiving messages from the Quarantine team with different options
- Reviewing Quarantined Emails
- Editing Quarantine Settings

Outlook Email Forwarding

- Enabling email forwarding in Outlook
- Keeping a copy of forwarded messages

Outlook Errors

- "Cannot send this item"
- "The destination email address is unrecognized"
- "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it"
- Emails won't send

Outlook Mail Space

- What to check when you are close to reaching your storage limit

Sharing Your Outlook Calendar

- Sharing your electronic calendar
- Who to share with
- Accessing a shared folder
- Delegates

Why Does Outlook Show 2 Different Emails?

- Which email should I use to login?
- What is difference between my BYUI username and my Outlook email?