Incomplete Contract Request

Before 'Requesting" an Incomplete Contract for your student, review the conditions below, obtain the required information, and make certain the student's situation complies with all listed criteria.

Request Incomplete Grade Contract:

  1. Click the button below (opens I-Learn).
  2. Click on Courses.
  3. Open the course the student is enrolled in.
  4. Click the Course Help button.
  5. Click on the Incomplete Contracts page link and follow the on-screen instructions.

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Instructions for Incomplete Contracts:

  1. Make sure the student meets the following criteria:
    • Extenuating circumstances occurred (serious illness, pregnancy, personal injury, death in immediate family, etc.) that hindered class work and occurred after the 10th week of a semester (4th week of a block).  **Note: Students whose extenuating circumstances arise after the drop deadlines but before the 10th week of the semester or 4th week of a block should petition for an official withdrawal with the student Records and Registration Office and should not be allowed to enter into an Incomplete Contract.
    • The student must have a passing grade at the time of petitioning for the incomplete grade. It is not a substitute for a failing grade. Therefore, an incomplete grade cannot be granted if the student is failing a class and wants additional time to submit makeup work in order to improve a grade.
    • The student must be able to complete the remaining work on an individual basis with the instructor. Re-enrollment in all or part of the same course during a subsequent semester may not be required as part of the contract.
    • Instructor approval is mandatory; incomplete contracts are granted at the instructor’s discretion.
  2. Designate a specific time period for the student to complete the contract. The overall time period for an Incomplete Contract should extend no later than the end of the next semester in which the student is enrolled (generally the student’s next on-track semester). If the student is unable to meet the deadline, the you may grant an extension of time to the student, but must notify the Online Support Center of the extension.
  3. After you have decided on time period of the contract and have verified that the student meets the criteria, send an email to the student that explains the conditions of the incomplete contract.  You must have an email from the student where they indicate that they understand and agree to all of the conditions of the incomplete contract before the contract can be submitted.
  4. Request the I-Grade for the student by clicking on the "Request" button and filling out the form.  Before filling out the form, be sure to have the following information ready:
    • Students I-number
    • Your phone number
    • The course code and section number
    • Details of the contract and copy of the email from the student
    • Time frame of the contract
    • Any other applicable information
  5. Complete a Change of Grade form once the student has completed their incomplete contract.

*Please Note: If you are filing an incomplete grade contract after the end of the semester, please enter the current grade the student has earned for final grade submission. Once the incomplete contract has been approved, that final grade will change to an incomplete grade until the contract is up and a new grade is entered.


Request Incomplete Contract


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