Internship Application Module Issues - EPS

So this is pretty straight forward, for Mechanical Engineers, Business management, and constructions management majors they have a new EPS that they access for them to get their interships approved. It's All we need to do is create a ticket.


Ticket Type: Enterprise application/Education Positioning System Admin

IT Request Type: Bug

AC Products/Services: Internships


We need to include these TWO things when creating tickets.

First, take a screen shot of the error


Second, where they are at in the application process.


That's all we've been asked to do. Happy hunting!


P.S. below is just some basic information about the new EPS module




A new module of EPS will be released to a small group of users.  (currently Mechanical Engineering, Business Management and  Construction Management) It is part of the Experiential Learning and Placement module, and will include the following functionality:

  1. System-generated notifications to all key users when they have an action to perform in the system
  2. Authorizations written automatically to Jenzabar CX for each student, when his or her internship has been given Approved status; these authorizations allow the user to register for the internship course without additional intervention from the ADC
  3. Updates written from Jenzabar CX to EPS notifying the ADC of each student’s internship status as follows:
    • Registered
    • Registered-Credit Mismatch
    • Dropped
    • Complete

This module will be accessible through There will be three new links, Intership Approval Beta, Internship Coordinators Login, and Internship Admin Login.

This module will streamline the Internship approval process, and cut the application time from 5 to 7 days, to 1 to 2 days.

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